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Coway Professional Air Purifier

Looking out to buy Air Purifier? If yes, Check out the details and a comprehensive review of this Coway Professional Air-Purifier.

Coway Professional air purifier Review

Product Overview

Model: Air Purifier
Brand: Coway
Category: Products

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Product Features

  • Coway is a specialized brand in Air Care with a focus on Excellent Quality & Intuitive Design.
  • The Special Green Anti-Virus HEPA Filter ambushes 99.99% of Allergens, Bacteria & Viruses.
  • Patented Urethane Carbon Filter ambushes Bad Odor, Formaldehyde, VOCs & Cigarette Smoke.
  • Filter Replacement Indicator blinks when it’s time to replace HEPA Filter & Carbon Filter.
  • The Air Quality Indicator displays real-time Indoor Air Quality through Spontaneous colors.
  • Intelligent Auto Mode automatically adjusts the speed of Air Purifier based on Air Quality.
  • Night Mode turns off Mood/AQI light for complete room darkness.
  • Special Turbo Mode for Quick cleaning.

Product Description

Coway is known across the world for its unique technology, award-winning design, and user-friendly Air Purifiers.

Coway Professional Air-Purifier can cover an area up to 355 sq. ft / 33 sq. meters that can be suitable for Living Room, Bed Rooms & Offices.

The smart pollution sensor represents real-time Indoor Air Quality through intuitive colors. This air purifier automatically adjusts speed based on Air Quality.

This Air purifier has a smart design that ensures an innovative flow path for high efficiency (better reach and maximum airflow). It has a Multi-Layered Anti-Virus Green HEPA Filter that effectively traps PM2.5 particles and eliminates Viruses & Allergens.

Coway Professional Air-Purifier has a smart pollution sensor that displays indoor air quality in real-time through Intuitive Colors. It has a 30 mm Super Thick Anti-Virus True HEPA Filter that ensures Long Filter Life (8500 hours). The Unique Vacuum Cleanable Carbon Filter helps recover Original Filter efficiency.

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