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Kent 1500 Watt Electric Kettle

Looking out to buy Kent 1500 Watt Electric Kettle? If yes, Check out the details and a comprehensive review of this Portable Electric Kettle.

Kent 1500 Watt Electric Kettle

Product Overview

Model: Electric Kettle
Brand: Kent
Category: Products

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Product Features

  • Capacity: 1.7 litres
  • 360-degree rotation of body along with detachable power base
  • Unique Thing: Protection Against Overheating and Boil Drying
  • Borosilicate glass body with a concealed heating element with stainless steel cover
  •  No plastic element has been used in the body, making it safe to use
  • Auto switch-off for overheating and boil-drying protection
  • Light indicator for ‘switch-on’
  • Water level indicator, Input Power Supply: Single Phase 220V-240 V AC, 50 Hz

Product Description

You can boil water safely and quickly with the advanced KENT Elegant Electric Glass Kettle. It features a 360-degree rotating base that allows you to plug the appliance in any direction, also making it convenient for the users to serve the beverages.

You can now boil water hygienically and safely, thanks to the borosilicate glass body of this electric kettle. The borosilicate body makes KENT Elegant Electric Glass Kettle appliance safe to use.

The dry boiling protection feature ensures that the kettle switches off automatically if there is no water in it. This ensures the utmost safety and prevents the appliance from getting damaged.

KENT Elegant Electric Glass Kettle comes with a 1.7-litre capacity and has a high power operation of 2000W.

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