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Motomax Auto Care kit

Looking out to buy Motomax Auto Care kit, If yes – you are in the right place. In this article, we will give you comprehensive details and a review of this auto cleaning kit.

Motomax Auto Care kit

Product Overview

Model: Auto Care kit
Brand: Motomax
Category: Products

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Product Features

  • Get buffing cloth Free with this Kit
  • Shiner is a multipurpose polish: can be used on painted, plastic, rubber, and other metal surfaces
  • Liquid polish used on a variety of automobile paints like enamel paints and metallic paints
  • Shampoo cleans painted surface without harming the paint & removes stubborn stains, grease, bird droppings, etc.

Product Description

Motomax Car Shampoo is a specially formulated concentrate shampoo that cleans the toughest automotive debris, street grime & boosts the car’s color life and gives the car a long-lasting shine.

Motomax Shiner is a ready-to-use detailer for paint, plastic, rubber, and other metal surfaces. Being a blend of special silicones and protective elements, it protects plastic and rubber parts from fading and gives a clean and polished appearance to the surface.

Motomax liquid polish is a polish centered on silicon with mild rubbing ingredients for removing dead & oxidized paint.



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